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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

God’s Israel


By Francis Fawkes, Th.D.

The Jews are definitely God’s chosen people.  Just as God has chosen a people unto Himself, He has also chosen a land for them in which to dwell in perpetuity.  God himself measured the dimensions of this land over 3000 years ago (Joshua 1: 3-4).  God is therefore a Zionist.

We can certainly depend on the Bible in authenticating the identity of the Jews as the chosen ones.  It is the most accurate book of all antiquity.  Of the 27 scriptural texts of the other world’s religions, there is a great deal more documentary evidence confirming the historical and textual reliability of the Bible.

Also, those clever Jewish scribes took great care to foolproof the Bible for all posterity.  They knew that with time comes distortion.  Therefore, they counted every word and every letter on every page.  If the count was incorrect on re-examination, the inaccurate page was torn up and the scribe started the process of writing again.  So scrupulous were they in their pursuit for perfection, we know that there are 304,805 letters in the book of Genesis.  There is also a count of the number of vowels and consonants in each book that they copied.

In getting back to the subject, the Bible states that the Lord “…chose Jacob unto Himself and Israel for a peculiar treasure” (Psalm 135: 4).  Most of all, God avowed to make the Jewish people “…high above all nations whom He hath made, in praise, and in name, and in honour…” (Deuteronomy 26: 19).

The Jews above all, were chosen to spread God’s light throughout the planet.  They are the conduits through which the salvation of Jesus Christ was made available to humanity.  In both the spiritual and the secular spheres, they have been overachievers.  This is a fulfillment of the prophecy that all the nations of the earth shall be blessed by Israel (Genesis 18: 18).


Christianity came to us through the Jew.  From the Judeo-Christian ethic came the great technological innovations and cultural developments as we know them today.  It is an established fact that Bible believing creationists founded every branch of science.

The Gentile nations also profited from the Christian perspective.  The people responsible for our technological innovations began life as barbarians.  The Vikings, the other Germanic tribes – including the Goths, Franks and the Saxons were a menace to the European coast.  They destroyed everything in their path as a sacrifice to their demonic gods of war.

When the Bible permeated their culture, they became civilized and today you find among them the Scandinavian peoples, the British and the Americans.  Since these people honoured the word of God in their culture, it is observed that a great number of the Nobel Prizes in Science and Technology go to them.  It is further noticed that all other countries in the Bible belt that adopt the Judeo-Christian ethic begin to prosper materially, intellectually and spiritually as well.

A modern day nation that has arisen from poverty and illiteracy is Norway.  After a farm boy introduced the Bible into this culture, the Norwegians immediately began to notice the difference.  Today, they are the most prosperous nation in the world per capita.

In South Korea, the same thing happened.  After the gospel was allowed to flourish, this country became the 12th richest nation in the world in 25 years.

Just as these blessings have followed the genetic offspring of Abraham, they have followed his spiritual descendants – the gentiles.  As the people of African ancestry obey the call to carry God’s light throughout the world, God likewise, will prosper them in the different spheres of human endeavour.  “In the last days, Ethiopia shall stretch forth her wings” - (Psalm 68: 31).



Many have marveled at the phenomenal accomplishments of the Jewish people in almost every sphere of human endeavour.  The ordinary man attributes this to intellect.  Psychologists search for a genetic or environmental basis for their high IQ (Intelligence Quotient) ratings.

However, this is part and parcel of the generational blessings coming down from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  If the Ashkenazi Jews (those of Polish, Russian and German ancestry) are found to score 10 to 15 points higher on IQ tests than the surrounding populations, it is not by their own resourcefulness.  It is by the Spirit of God.  The Creator has equipped them to be a blessing to all nations as He has prophesied.  When God calls for something, he provides for it.

Other speculators would suggest that the Jews have bred eugenically over the years, when the sons of scholars married the daughters of the merchant class, thus producing the survival of the fittest intellectually.  Their intellect has led them, as some to contend, to withstand persecution.  However, other great nations before them have disappeared from the earth with much less persecution.  There is a supernatural component to the survival of the Jew.

Even their enemies have acknowledged their ability to innovate and their intellectual prowess.  It is a known fact, that one in five of all Nobel laureates have been Jewish - even though they are 1/24 of 1 percent of the world’s population.  Other interesting observations are 1/3 of the faculty at Harvard Medical School is Jewish, and also 1/3 of Nobel Prize winners in medicine are also Jewish.

In the arts, they are the world’s most formidable performers.  It is conceded by some that the Jewish born Felix Mendelssohn was a greater musical prodigy that Mozart.  Mendelssohn was a walking musical library at 12.  With total recall, he could produce any classical piano work on demand.

Today, Jewish concert pianists and concert violinists are the personification of their art.  They are icons in the performance world without equal.  The Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, called the aristocrat of orchestras, consists of all former first chair players from all over the world.


Since the dawn of history, 800 civilizations perished when they violated God’s universal principles of morality.  These civilizations became worn down not necessarily because of a lack of intellectual insight, creativity or scientific innovations.  They fell because of a lack of revealed knowledge through the oracles of God.  In Proverbs 29:18, it states that “where there is no vision, the people perish.”  People generally interpret this to mean man- based vision.  However, man’s vision is flawed and sometimes he and his vision perish.  Vision in this context is the Hebrew word for revelation.  God’s ideal modus operandi for humankind is to function through the intellect and a combination of intuition (or revealed knowledge) coming from the Holy Spirit.  When there is a high level of revelation knowledge, a nation will begin to experience real and sustained prosperity.

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