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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

What's Your Pitch?

What’s are you selling, and what is your sales pitch?

By Dennis Dames

Pitching For Sales
An ambitious salesperson commits to practice the art of the pitch in order to achieve great success in the business. The selling pitch is a totally necessary tool in every serious seller’s toolbox - along with the full knowledge and experience of the products and/or services for sale.

To generate sales continuously, a seller must know how to appeal to the senses of potential buyers. Show and tell to create a favorable impression on the eyes and ears of prospects.

Creating and perfecting a convincing first impression strategy is what it takes to be on one’s way in the class of accomplished salespeople. The market we target should have a profitably worthwhile want, need or desire for the goods and services we sell; and we the sellers, should be prepared to pitch accordingly to capture the hearts and souls of prospective customers - for very handsome returns.

Practice does make perfect, so the more we engage in the gainful action of creating impressive pitches - the better we become. We must always be prepared for every encounter with likely buyers. Therefore, the more we know about a market and the spending behavior of the consumers thereof - the more effective we become with our selling pitch.

We are individually unique, thus - let’s focus on becoming uniquely sound and renowned with our respective sales pitch. I’ll meet you at the top of the class.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Become a work from home success story

Do you have what it takes to be a work-from-home success story?

...every wannabe work-from-home-business person should prepare prudently and accordingly for their respective Online business venture, and pursuits - generally.

By Dennis Dames:

Work From Home Jobs Available
The motivation to stay at home and earn is advancing naturally and robustly as more and more new gainful opportunities come to the fore - Online.
Identifying the ideally worthwhile work-from-home job that suits you - can be as easy as asking yourself a few questions - like:

1 - What do I have a passion for?
2 - What are the essential tools and strategies involved in competing profitably in the market?
3 - What amount of funding is required for a rewarding operation?
4 - Do I have the stamina and stickability to remain steadfast, focused and resolute in a fiercely competitive marketing, advertising and sales arena on the worldwide Web?

If the answer to all of the above is favorable, then you are standing on solid and promising grounds - to begin with.

All you have to do is stay the course and keep the pace with the latest trends and developments in the trade.

Resolve to be a pacesetter in the Web marketing, advertising and sales business; after all, you have committed yourself to become an accomplished Internet sales and business person.

Use your imagination and practice to think, and strategize outside of the box. You could be the next marketing, advertising and sales guru on the worldwide Web - through your visionary, innovative, attractive, magnetic, and unique approach and style as an enterprising marketer, advertiser, seller and entrepreneur.

We succeed through the enriching spirit of competitiveness, hard work, dedication, know-how, and perseverance. With this in mind - every wannabe at-home-business person should prepare prudently and accordingly for their respective Online business venture, and pursuits - generally.

All the best of success in your stay-at-home home business enterprise Online, and see you at the top of the class.

Friday, June 3, 2022

Saturday, May 21, 2022

A MLM Program is Not a Pyramid Scheme


By Dennis Dames

MLM Dames
Multi Level Marketing or direct marketing is a powerful strategic tool in the advertising, promotions, marketing and selling arsenal. It’s also a sure way for enterprising people to earn extra cash with the right know how; and for prudent businesses to advance their respective goods and services to ever-expanding markets - Online and Offline.

Many MLM companies have come and gone over the decades for various reasons, and a lot has proven to be immensely successful - and still going strong.

Honesty, integrity, in popular demand, quality products, great service, timely communication, live support, the spirit of competitiveness, and professionalism generally- are essential to the continued success of a MLM program. If a new MLM program is lacking in such necessary business qualities - they will fade-away like so many before them.

Many wannabe affiliate marketers and sales people have tried the promotion of MLM businesses without success, mainly because they have started out with the wrong perception of what Multi Level or Network Marketing is about. The focus of genuine MLM is not about getting rich quick.

MLM is about the ongoing generation of sales, signups, subscriptions and an ever-increasing Network or downline of qualified marketing and sales affiliates.

MLM is about direct selling to customers that are known to the seller for the most part, and to others via organic and paid advertising channels and platforms. Affiliates earn by two means in a MLM company’s program - namely through sales, and new recruits.

The latter is where one can earn big bucks in a lucrative MLM program - with the right strategy and skill set. The compensation plan varies from program to program, and it’s important for an affiliate marketer to understand it from the outset, and decide accordingly - whether or not it’s worthwhile for them.

A MLM program is not a pyramid scheme. If a company requires sellers to earn by recruiting other sellers who are required to pay fees to the company in order to be members in good standing- then, it is not a MLM program; it’s an illegal pyramid scheme.

MLM programs are designed to make money from people directly in the market by truly satisfying their wants, needs and desires at competitive cost, quality and efficiency. They are not about scamming their membership with false claims and unrealistic expectations.

The top three money-making MLM businesses are reported to be: Amway, Avon, and Herbalife. They are highly successful, competitive, renowned, and reputable among sellers and customers alike. They have been in profitable MLM operations for more than ten years - and going strong; their future successes are promising- no doubt.

Other famous top earning MLM entities according to reports include: Vorwerk, Mary Kay, Infinitus, Perfect, Quanjian, Natura, Tupperware, Nu Skin, Primerica, JoyMain, Jeunesse, Oriflame, Ambit Energy, New Era, Telecom Plus, Belcorp, USANA, Pola, Young Living, Sun Hope, DXN, and WorldVentures.

All of them produce yearly revenues in the billions of dollars, and between them - they sell health and beauty products, electronics, travel, food, financial services and so on.

Like so many other enterprising affiliate marketers and direct sellers, I am constantly in search of legitimate money-making opportunities. I have found a new MLM program Online - that’s attractive and optimistically bright in my view.

It provides affiliates with three ways to earn substantially, and the chance to build a lucrative and enduring income stream - while encouraging others to join in on the success train. The earning avenues of this MLM Business are service oriented.

Affiliates of this new MLM enterprise can:

1 - Sell their daily Web browsing data.

2 - We are paid for every seller whom we refer to the program, and we earn bonuses from their activities- and from the work of their downlines - sixteen (16) levels deep!

3 - We also have the option of selling Guaranteed Sales, and Signup Packages to entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes; and the commissions continue gratifyingly with each new client.

It’s safe to say that Multi Level Marketing is with us to stay - so long as the demands for quality goods, outstanding services, fruitful opportunities and welcomed convenience exist. Embrace it and make more productive use of your precious focus and time - On and Offline. You will be delighted and deservingly compensated when you do.

Join Me Now for Free, and Start Earning Too:

Monday, May 2, 2022

Seek To Find What's On Your Mind Online

Seek To Find Gainful Opportunities Online

Worthy Opportunity Seekers Seeking and Seizing Rewarding, Fulfilling and Profitable Opportunities on the Internet

By Dennis Dames

Wise Opportunity Seeker Online - Dennis Dames
I am a proud opportunity seeker on the worldwide Web - who is in good company with a lot others of the same stock. We are always in search of rewarding, and profitable programs, information, education, direction, assistance, goods and services - to satisfy our ever-present wants, needs, and desires in everyday life.

The Internet provides the ideal infrastructure for us to advance ourselves confidently and satisfyingly in every aspect of our lives. There are opportunities galore for every devoted and serious opportunity seeker - be they students, consumers, businesses, or any other entity.

For example, we now have the opportunity to communicate instantly with other people, and organizations through the various gainful platforms Online - Social Media and others. No more total reliance on just telephones, telegrams, the postmen, messengers, newspapers and word-of-mouth.

We also have the golden chance to receive free Online education and training in any area. All we have to do is commit to the advancement of ourselves, and businesses to continuous learning, training and retraining - as the needs and circumstances present.

Life has become so much more enhanced and enriched with the enormous amounts of ever-expanding opportunities available on the Net for the benefits of all and sundry - individually and collectively.

I, as an affiliate marketer- make it a daily routine to seek and find promising affiliate program opportunities - to promote for the purpose of supplementing my present income.

I am also committed to furthering my learning and understanding of affiliate programs, multi-level marketing, and marketing generally on the Web - through free continuing education opportunities on the respective subjects.

Additionally, I take advantage - like many other Web promotions and salespeople - of the beneficial effectiveness of free organic advertising, promoting and marketing on the Internet. I take advantage, like a lot of other Online advertisers - of the free and powerful advertising bases on the Net- such as: social media platforms, search engines, Online directories, Web forums and the like - to promote my goods and services to millions of prospects - in an instant.

I soundly embrace free and fruitful opportunities Online and wholesome opportunities in general - like so many other intelligent people. I take advantage like other wise folks - of worthwhile sales, and bargains on the Web - with good names, pleasing savings, outstanding qualities, and convenient package delivery services. It makes life a whole lot more comfortable, convenient, efficient and welcomely enjoyable.

Friday, April 29, 2022

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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

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