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Saturday, January 8, 2022

The Hashtag

Where is the Hashtag?

By Dennis Dames

Hashtag It...

RE: Hashtags
Many aspiring small digital marketers are as shy of the utilization of hashtags in their promotional materials, as they are of learning how to write captivating captions and ads.

The small and enterprising digital advertisers realize that they are in fierce competition, and at a huge financial disadvantage- when competing with the bigger boys in the field. So, they have to be productively innovative and uniquely creative in their publicity drive.

The hashtag is a potently useful tool in digital promotions - when used with sound planning and gainful skill. Hashtags help to essentially categorize our ventures, goods and services in promising, and encouraging light - among the other competitors of like stock.

We can automatically enhance and expand our enterprise’s universal reach among hungry consumers, and inquiring prospects - via imaginative and profitable hashtags which point to our niche. After all, our digital marketing efforts are about the generation of more and more dedicated subscribers, faithful customers and lucrative prospects- to our worthy products, and services.

Trending Hashtags
Hashtags were initially called and known as Tags, by their original users on a platform called, Internet Relay Chat or IRC - back in 1988. Tags were the way to search for contents of interest - like: messages, articles, images and videos. In 2007, a blogger by the name of Stowe Boyd dubbed them, “Hashtags” - via a blog post in August of that year.

Twitter formally instituted hashtags in its platform in July of 2009. Its prominence and influence have moved from strength to strength ever since- among personal users, and businesses alike.

Do not underestimate the power and effectiveness of the engagement of fitting hashtags in your digital promotions drive. It’s a relatively new and worthwhile partner in the digital advertising business. There are even apps out there which assist home users, digital publishers and advertisers with the generation of the right tags for their work - to enrich their chances of discoverability.

A good number of social media platforms process hashtags for the convenient, and bankable benefits of their membership. Hashtags automatically narrow the search for what people are actually looking for. Once a digital marker makes it their business to routinely examine the hashtag terms and trends that searchers use to find products, and services like theirs - they can plan and strategize accordingly to confidently join the competition - and receive their deserving fair share of the sales pot.

Hashtags are my friends
Purposeful and pioneering digital marketers include at least one related hashtag in every marketing post. It’s a worthwhile and money-making practice. It naturally increases the favorable presence and visibility of one’s literature, business, brand or service in the various interactive digital communities, and platforms.

Digital advertisers are versatile and dynamic in their usage of hashtags. They adjust strategically to maintain pace with business and consumer trends, demands and preferences in the digital marketplace. They are always mindful of the necessity of hashtagging the most appropriately effective words and phrases in every digital promotional item - for the maximum returns.

Before I started to write this article for example, I already knew the leading hashtag that I will use with it - when I share it in the various social media marketing, and networking groups. I now know that when this piece is completed, that an a suitable bunch of hashtags will be attached. Terms like: #hashtag #hashtags #hashtagchallenge #hashtaghelp #hashtagging #hashtagged and #HashTagger.

Hashtag Advertising
People who are interested in learning more about the benefits of hashtags- will have another competitive article available for their enlightenment. The accompanying hashtags will assist enormously in the widespread availability and accessibility of this perspective on the priceless value of hashtags in network marketing. The popularity and success of this writer will soar favorably- without a doubt, with every appreciated, educational, informative and entertaining piece shared - and reshared in the digital marketplace.

That’s the whole idea; and hashtags are an essential aid in my strategically ongoing digital marketing campaign.

The independent and focused digital marketer - who practices the use of related hashtags in their marketing production, is no doubt - on the road to sustainable sales success. Because results in marketing are ultimately measured by the recognition and sales results of the promotional campaign.

As the Internet expands like the universe, digital marketers must adapt to the changes and enormous digital marketing opportunities which are generated as a result. More users and markets mean added opportunities to make additional money - through a well thought out digital marketing strategy. It must involve the usage of every valuable tool in the well equipped digital advertiser’s toolbox. The hashtag is one of them.

Be Seen with Hashtags
Facebook recognizes and welcomes them, so do Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and a lot more others. There are good reasons why hashtags are part of the digital sharing, networking, marketing, advertising and promotions culture. All practicing, and aspiring digital marketers should commit to learning and understanding why hashtags are a useful feature in the digital marketing communities of world. Digital advertisers need to latch on to why segments of international digital researchers, consumers and others begin their respective inquiries with hashtag searches.

Hashtags are among the other user-friendly digital marketing tools in the serious marketer’s toolbox. They complement images, videos, literature materials, live broadcasting and the works. Hashtags help to build brand awareness and credibility - in the hearts and minds of the ever-craving patrons and potential customers.

Hashtag Love
If you are in the digital networking, sharing, marketing, advertising and promotions business - and you are not presently in the practice of using hashtags systematically in your quality marketing work, it is now being prudently suggested that you join in on the digital promotions success train - and embrace the trending, and paying gift of hashtags.

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Caption this


By Dennis Dames

Words paint great pictures
Small business network marketers, promoters and advertisers should welcome and embrace the practice of including a caption and description to every promotional post. It’s not sufficient or efficient to be an active member of a business networking - and advertising group, and share only links, videos, posters and banner ads - about your enterprise - without a captivating subject line, and description.

Always provide the target audience with inviting information relating to your works, products and services. What are you selling or promoting? What is your message about it, and so on. It’s a powerful way to build brand awareness, and to keep your niche, business and service in the consciousness of readers, patrons and prospects.

Many entrepreneurs and other enterprising business people, are in the constant hunt for new followers, customers and prospects in the organic market. It’s a lucrative approach and strategy - when done with a well prepared ad, and publicity campaign - which is rich in literature about our business, product or service.

A well written heading, along with helpful info about a related entity and their updates, products, goods and services- are well represented in related searches. The idea is to always set our announcements, bulletins, and advertisements in competitive light - for the maximum returns.

Let’s avoid becoming link, image, poster and video farmers. It’s a mediocre practice in networking, marketing, advertising and selling. Let’s perfect the art of rewarding written communications in our advert drive.

Let’s understand what content writing and copywriting is all about. They are based on information, education, entertainment and persuasion. So, if we say that we are networkers, marketers, promoters and advertisers of - affiliate programs, brands, goods and services, then we must learn to write powerfully attractive and memorable promotional pieces - professionally.

It’s what separates the good, bad and ugly in affiliate and network marketing. Impressive expository, descriptive, and narrative styles of writing are absolutely essential in the advertising and information sharing business. A marketing communicator and advertiser have to learn - and practice the virtue of writing good ads - to become winning and accomplished.

Words for communications
Take note of the sponsored advertisements in search engine results, and social media feeds. They are usually captioned, and contain an accompanying description - along with their respective subject video, image, sound - and so on.
We can learn a lot from their examples of presentable and appealing ads, and apply them free of cost in our worldwide community advertising and marketing crusade - with handsome results.

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Get Productively Involved, and Engage Your Small Business in Rewarding Group Support, Sharing, Collaboration, Advertising, and Marketing Success Strategies


By Dennis Dames

Small business people are naturally at a marketing, promotional and advertising disadvantage when competing with the big boys in the same markets - promoting identical or similar brands, products and services.

Get involved in business marketing success strategy
It’s why joining small business marketing and networking groups of like interests - benefit small businessmen in so many effective and rewarding ways. An ad and information sharing community of small enterprises with active, and engaging members - with the right energy and focus - can stand up successfully against the larger establishments, and compete profitability.

Simply joining a free business advertising, sharing and networking group is not sufficient for healthy returns. All group members should commit to supporting each other. It’s how the group grows while every member reaps ongoing rewards.

I have seen many small business advertising, marketing and promotion groups increase in great numbers, but not in valuable quality. A rich membership is an interactive one. It’s a society of enterprising folks - who are committed to individual and collective success for all involved.

Small Business Networking Team
Business promo groups are more attractive, magnetic and promising - when every partner is resolved to keep the scammers, spammers, shammers and the likes out. It enhances the precious quality and value of the group - and attracts new and valued working members - in addition to the much sought after lucrative customers and prospects.

Small business advertising and networking communities were made for their enterprising owners and operators, other entrepreneurs, and marketers - to assist in the fruitful advancement of their causes, goods, products and services. The more members who commit to the productive growth of the body, the more viable and successful the community becomes for all participants.

Mass selfishness and inactiveness in a company advertising and sharing group - go contrary to the group’s vision and purpose. Universally dedicated involvement, meaningful engagement and helpful interaction - are the main pillars; thus - all members ought to be mindful of them - in formulation of their promotional campaign strategy.

Small Businesses People Collaborating for Business Success
After all, it’s free business advertisements with satisfying results - when done with unselfish and genuine participation, useful collaboration, constructive support and practical networking in mind.

As a group grows favorably, so does it popularity. A well managed and moderated networking, marketing, advertising and promotions group - with a spirited, motivated and passionate membership - can only advance from strength to strength; thereby becoming a successful commercial, advertising, sharing and promotional force - for loyal customers, promising prospects, the all-important small business community and the like.

There’s truly power in unity; but in the togetherness, there needs to be continuing healthy interaction and exchanges between business people and patrons on the local, regional and international fronts. It’s how small business community support groups survive in a highly competitive advertising world.
No group endures efficiently on autopilot. The membership is the pilot and leader; and an inactive pilot is an ineffective and unproductive one.

Teamwork equals success
It follows therefore, that an actively energetic and supportive advertising group membership, is a positively welcomed approach to achieve the desired promotional results for all advertisers, website promotors and marketers concerned; while the beloved customers are pleased - and the good news are deservingly shared with more and more worthwhile prospects.

Commit to a collective and involved partnership in a business community networking, and advertising group. Play your role in the successful development of the enterprise advert cooperative; and encourage other members to do their good part accordingly - in the interest of top notch customer service, loyalty and satisfaction.

Turn on the lights, and let’s proudly demonstrate to the people, advertising, marketing and networking world - that we are lively and positively involved together - in the ever expanding customer, business and marketers networking, and promotion groups - for our competitive and satisfying piece of the sales - and commissions pie; on and offline.

We believe in the eternal spiritual drive of support, engagement and interaction among customers, entrepreneurs and other enterprising people - in our business networking, advertising, sales and rewards communities.

Teamwork for success in a small business community support group
We make it happen as the mighty one - in the wholesome spirit of championship teamwork, fertile support, rich cooperation, high-yielding collaboration - and the undying commitment to succeed through productive, and systematically gainful interactivity.
After all, it’s really worth being an exemplary, and actively fecund team leader and player - in every worthwhile small business information, education, entertainment, advertising, promotion and marketing communities of choice. It absolutely pays to be zestfully and ambitiously involved.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021




Meet Scammer, Sadam Habib

Sadam Habib
Manager at Barclay's Bank

Sadam Habib 

Dear Dennis , 

Email from a scammer
It’s my urgent need For a foreign partner that made me to contact you for this transaction.I am Sadam Habib working with Barclays Bank here in Dubai(U.A.E) I write to contact you over a very important business transaction which will be of our interest and benefit to our both families. In 2007,one Mr. Weimin Dames , whose surname is the same as yours and has your country in his file as his place of origin, made a fixed deposit for 36 months, at $26,700,000.00 with my bank. I was his account officer before I rose to the position of Managing Director. The maturity date for this deposit contract was 27th of September 2010.Sadly Mr.Weimin Dames was among the death victims in the September 2009 earthquake in Indonesia that left over 1,200 people dead while he was there on a business trip. Since the last quarter of 2010 until today, the management of my bank has been finding means to reach you so as ascertain if he will roll over the Deposit or have the contract sum withdrawn. When I discovered that this will happen, I have tried to think up a procedure to preserve this fund and use the proceeds for business. Some directors here
Beware of scams
have been trying to find out from me the information about this account and the owner, but I have kept it closed because I know that if they become aware that Mr Weimin Dames is late, they will corner the funds for themselves. Therefore, I am seeking your cooperation to present you as the one to benefit from his fund at his death since you have the same name, so that my bank headquarters will pay the funds to you. I have done enough inside bank arrangements and you only have to put in your details into the information network in the bank computers and reflect you as his next of kin. If you concur with this proposal, I intend for you to retain 50% of the funds while 50% shall be for me. Kindly forward your response : 

Mr. Sadam Habib 

Barclays Bank of Dubai 


Dennis Dames 

Send me the funds bro. I don’t have no money to pay in advance for any transaction. 

23 hours ago 

Sadam Habib 

You think is that easy you want money right ? 

16 hours ago 

Dennis Dames 

Look here bro, I have no money to send you. Go somewhere else which your shit.

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Secret Confessions Of A Poor And Richly Passionate Organic Marketer


By Dennis Dames:

I choose organic marketing
I’m a proud organic marketer who utilizes worthy digital marketing platforms and groups - as efficiently and effectively as I can, to promote my business, and share my my most valued work.

It's free, and potentially a highly productive and an easy moneymaking means of advertising - when applied with a well prepared business promotion plan and strategy - in mind. As an organic promoter, I spread my wings in many worthwhile groups and communities - On and Offline. I’m always in the hunt for new markets and other free advertising points of the digital organic world - where I can successfully showcase my offerings, goods and services to a hungry audience.

Organic marketers should always shy away from SPAM and SPAMMING. It’s not a fruitful means of promoting. Spammers are lazy and visionless people who unwittingly waste their own time, all the time - in my view.

Organic reach anyday
A powerfully potent organic marketer knows the full value of adding a captivating and convincing caption, and - or a description to their posts. Organic marketers should avoid at all cost, the ineffective marketing strategy and practice - of link, video and image farming.

Organic marketing is essentially about building one’s business and brand favorably in the consciousness of people; so that when they are in need of something that you - among others offer, they will consider patronizing you first - as you have established a favorable brand relationship at the fore of their minds.

Therefore, smart organic marketers are always aware of - and are guided by the virtue of creating welcomed, noteworthy and memorable impressions- by being enticingly attractive and convincingly presentable as they link organically in the various groups, and other places in the digital neighborhood. First impression is indeed last impression.

I love organic traffic
Organic marketing is my most valuable partner on the road to business success. I depend on it enormously - to connect skillfully and creatively with new customers, prospects and businesses; for the continued healthy growth of my enterprise. So, I employ it regularly and systematically- as a business advertising policy.

I cannot afford paid advertisements, thus organic promotions must work for me. With that in mind, I maneuver accordingly to achieve the most desired and profitable marketing results - while beloved patrons are deservingly satisfied.

Friday, December 17, 2021

A Call For Cleaner Digital Business and Networking Communities


By Dennis Dames

A Cleaner Digital Economy
No wonder why so many people are not attracted to, or interested in - the active participation and rugged community life in the digital universe. It is widely perceived to be a place filled with actively aggressive shysters, scammers, spammers, harassers, frauds and the likes.
But there are still lots of diamonds in the rough. There are genuine consumers who are seriously in search of desired goods and services Online. There are also people of integrity who are in legitimate businesses; and who are constantly in pursuit of new productive avenues and fora to introduce, and advertise their respective offerings, brands and specials - in good faith.
There are also the well-intentioned opportunity seekers - who are enterprisingly resolved in finding the next promising and rewarding affiliate program, or employment opportunity generally - in the digital estate.
There are also the professional and ambitious digital marketers - who use many social media, search and other web platforms to reach the widest possible audience for their useful and in demand - merchandise, services and programs.
Poor platform, group and community moderation - and management, are the chief cause of spawning the ill-intended in mass numbers - in my opinion. Social media and other platform operators, moderators and group managers need to do a much better job in weeding out - and keeping out all of the unwelcomed fraudsters, stalkers and conmen; so that digital trust, confidence, civility and commerce can gainfully flourish even more - and for so much more deserving people.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

People and Businesses of Vision Enterprisingly Linking, Networking, Supporting and Advertising in Unity for the Ongoing Benefits of Every Deserving Member in the Group


By Dennis Dames

Teamwork in a Business Promotions Network
We need to understand and truthfully embrace the worthy concepts and enormous value of communication, collaboration, and reciprocation - in the people and businesses networking, sharing and promoting world.
As we focus toward advancing our precious works, goods and services - through networking and business promotion groups, we need to do more than just join, and post in perpetual isolation.
We need to encounter and engage other members to link with us in the spirit of productive interaction; where we are actively involved in supporting each other faithfully - for the deserved benefits of every productive participant.
We are all in the marketing, sharing and connecting business to be more positively recognized, accepted, favored, and to make good money. The more customers and prospects who are conscious of our business products and services, the greater the chance of achieving sales goals successfully every time.
Teamwork for Networking and Advertising Success - on and offline

That’s why it’s important for on - and offline marketers and networkers to embrace the noble idea of: You scratch my back -and I scratch your back. Everyone becomes a winner with such a winning approach and strategy.
It’s the prime reason why we should join business promotions and networking groups; to help fellow members advance profitably - in an environment of dedicated oneness.
The story writer in the group is seeking support for their work; so, let’s support the story writer - and invite them to return the favor. The blogger is also looking for positive endorsements of their lot; thus, let’s support the blogger - and encourage them to reciprocate and participate accordingly.
International Marketers Together For Success

The entrepreneur and business person are in the continuous hunt for new prospects, customers and supporters of their respective venture - as well. Therefore, let’s support the profitable growth of enterprising entrepreneurs and other commercial entities in our business, networking and promotions community; and request that they endorse as a prudent practice- the same in return.
Let’s dutifully commit to share, support and promote each other brands, products businesses and services as a universally resolved and unified marketing team - with a collective determination to be a role model for every ambitious, focused and resolute networker, affiliate marketer and salesperson; on and off the Worldwide Web.