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Dennis Arthur Dames' - DAD Quotes of The Day

Dennis Arthur Dames' Daily Quotes

Welcome to Dennis Arthur Dames - DAD's Daily Quotes of Inspiration, Motivation and The Good Life of Meaningful and Delightful Living.

DAD Treasured Quotes Daily is a sure way to compliment and positively enhance your wonderful day - your happy way.


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Dennis Arthur Dames - DAD Life Quotes everyday

DAD Positive Life Quotes of The Day

Blowout Quote

“Blowouts can be totally devastating when we get ahead of ourselves; so take your time and arrive safely and securely in one piece - successfully.”


Divine Quote

“Divine is the cool and gentle breeze blowing lively and pleasantly through the trees, branches and leaves - while good music plays on soothingly and relaxingly - as peace reigns lovingly and majestically all around.”


Quote of a Networker

“A progressive Networker with an outgoing personality has a lot going for them, and the sky is the limit for their well earned success.”


Networking Quote of A Working Networker

“Purposeful, meaningful, durable and profitable Networking On and Offline- enrich the heart, soul and motivation of all concerned - delightfully.”


Dennis Dames' Quotes of The Day

Positive Quote

“There is always a positively uplifting thought in everyone - everyday - waiting to be enthusiastically acknowledged and shared unselfishly in welcoming quarters for all that it’s worth.”


Worthwhile Quote

“One should be fully able to accomplish something purposefully worthwhile with ten thousand recommended steps daily - on the road of healthy and wholesome living; simply make every walk along the way count for something worthy each day.”


Peace Quote

“My most sacred and treasured commodity in life is peace; peace in my heart, peace in my soul and peace in my total being.”


Dennis Arthur Dames - DAD's Daily Quotes

Quote Time

“People who don’t value time - take it for granted, and they usually miss out on lots of golden opportunities as a consequence.”


Priceless Quote

“The preciousness and pricelessness of our energy and time naturally dictate that we wisely avoid uselessness and worthlessness - in our valued lives.”


Talking Quote

“Politely pass on any conversation where everyone is talking at once - or else the swines will eat your pearls.”


Walk The Talk Quote

“Walk the talk dutifully everyday for handsomely pleasing success Online.”


Quote About Life

“One who burns every bridge around them in life - becomes totally isolated, disassociated and stranded.”


DAD's - Dennis Arthur Dames' Quotes

Networkers Quote

“Sleeping networkers are dreaming networkers.”


Quote About Zombies

“Zombies cannot communicate or network - no matter how hard they try.”


Networking Quote

“Networking without engaging is uninviting.”


Quote About Mediocrity

“Mediocrity is an offense on the road to durable success.”


Status Quo Quote of The Day

“The status quo is not usually in tuned with reality and justice.”


Dennis Arthur Dames - DAD's Life Quotes

Internet Quote of The Day

“Make the Internet a productively rewarding and nutritiously satisfying platform in your daily routine, and not a poor diet and life-wasting-away station.”


Networking Quote of The Day

“Outreaching, linking, connecting, sharing, supporting, timely updating, continuous learning and reciprocating are absolutely necessary ingredients for lasting business Networking success Online.”


SPAM Quote of The Day

“I welcome SPAM in the can, but not in my inbox.”


Life Quote of The Day

“Wasted time is like squandered money with nothing of substance to show for it.”


Dennis Arthur Dames - DAD Quotes Daily

DAD’s Inspirational Quote of The Day

“Alone is a rich man’s pal, lonely is a poor man’s companion, and idle is a fool’s mate.”


DAD Quotes to Live By

“You are still in the game... Don’t give up now!”


DAD Daily Quote

“Stop wasting your time on wasting your time; and resolve to live your time sensibly, purposefully, efficiently, productively, fruitfully and joyfully - in your daily life.”


Quote Daily By DAD

“Rise above the fray, and be as impactful, impressive and inspirational as each new day.”


Dennis Arthur Dames - DAD's Motivational Quotes of The Day

DAD Quote

“Be as refreshing, illuminating, encouraging and nourishing as the divine days, and allow your light to shine welcomely and majestically in the hearts and souls of all peoples.”


Quote of The Day By DAD

“Another day to nurture that vision of sweet success with fine finesse.”


Quotes Daily By DAD

“Commit to a life of wholesomely productive and enriched routines; the rewards are endless!”


Dennis Arthur Dames' Quotes