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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

The Voice Of God


By Francis Fawkes, Th.D.

God speaks to modern man, however not everyone has developed the art of listening to Him.  Know that God is real.  However, I do not understand your skepticism, or your rejection of the the faith that you have studied so assiduously.

I want to tell you that God definitely speaks to me in no uncertain terms.  However, the mistake that most people make is to rely totally on research, and the intellect - instead of the intuition coming from God Himself.  He speaks to me in the following ways: The unction which enables me to know many things - 1 John 2:20.  An impression; visual signs and even numbers.  I asked God what was my purpose?  He replied in a dream: "I have placed you on this earth to do my work!  The first time I felt the presence of God was around 1976, and it was very tangible.  Whenever I feel His presence, I get a confirmation when certain situations work out for me.

If you really want to be able to develop sensitivity to God's voice, research - read what Mark Virkler has to say about it, and his method of hearing God's voice.  He says that God uses the intuitive right side of the brain to communicate.  Society has trained us to rely only on the left side.  He had great difficulty with it from the out start, but he conquered the problem - and claims that now he hears from God 24/7!  He claims that God speaks to all of us in many different ways.  It is just that we are not trained to listen.

I believe that God has even spoken to you, and you probably thought it was happenstance!  Perhaps a man or a woman of God had a message for you - and when delivered, it could be confirmed in your Spirit.  That is God speaking to you as well.

On your Internet, slot in Mark Virkler - and please don’t give up on clicking on the link below.  Trust me for once.  God is very real.  What have you to lose by trying to seek Him?  What have you to gain by giving up?


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