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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

What's Your Pitch?

What’s are you selling, and what is your sales pitch?

By Dennis Dames

Pitching For Sales
An ambitious salesperson commits to practice the art of the pitch in order to achieve great success in the business. The selling pitch is a totally necessary tool in every serious seller’s toolbox - along with the full knowledge and experience of the products and/or services for sale.

To generate sales continuously, a seller must know how to appeal to the senses of potential buyers. Show and tell to create a favorable impression on the eyes and ears of prospects.

Creating and perfecting a convincing first impression strategy is what it takes to be on one’s way in the class of accomplished salespeople. The market we target should have a profitably worthwhile want, need or desire for the goods and services we sell; and we the sellers, should be prepared to pitch accordingly to capture the hearts and souls of prospective customers - for very handsome returns.

Practice does make perfect, so the more we engage in the gainful action of creating impressive pitches - the better we become. We must always be prepared for every encounter with likely buyers. Therefore, the more we know about a market and the spending behavior of the consumers thereof - the more effective we become with our selling pitch.

We are individually unique, thus - let’s focus on becoming uniquely sound and renowned with our respective sales pitch. I’ll meet you at the top of the class.