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Friday, January 31, 2020

The Color Of God

What Color Is God?

By Francis Fawkes, Th.D.

God is a Spirit and has transcended color.  He is neither black nor white.  However, he created humanity with a variety of different colors, like different flowers in a bouquet.  This is because God, the ultimate artist, likes diversity in the way he expresses himself; just like we do.

There is no superiority and inferiority in races for no aspect of the creation at the very onset was inferior.  In Genesis Chapter 1, God saw that everything was good.  He wanted all men made in his image (Genesis 1: 26).  Since we are his image, we have his potential in embryonic form.  He has given us eternity to bring this out.  The Bible says there is no Greek or Jew in Christ.  So Jews and Gentiles are one in Yeshua!

However, I believe different races have different gifts, aptitudes, temperaments etc., because they are unique aspects of his image.  There is a reason for this, according to God's purpose and calling.

However, the historical Jesus had a physical appearance.  According, to the Greek and Roman historians - his skin color was olive or some say swarthy.  His hair was long to shoulders-length and wavy; and in color, it was reddish brown.  His features were more or less Middle Eastern.

This is so because the ascendant cultures in those times were the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern ones and the darker peoples of Ethiopia and Egypt.

The Caucasian peoples: the Goths, Vikings and Saxons came into the ascendancy with the Gospel later on!  Notice these days that the Bible belt countries rule.  Likewise, Ethiopia and the other third world countries shall stretch forth their wings as they perpetuate God's plans and purposes in the earth.

Having said all of this, we should not strive to know Christ according to race or ethnicity.  All of this is interesting to us mortals.  St. Paul said we should strive to know Christ after the Spirit.