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Monday, January 1, 2007

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Hotels will need more than brands to differentiate in the future.

- “I’m not so sure how long brands will survive and what is the long enduring factor that makes one sustainable...the market is oversaturated and there are still more to come.” TOM ITO GLOBAL HOSPITALITY LEADER, GENSLER

- “By and large the hotels that we own are in an A+ location, are extremely high-quality, and are going to attract customers regardless of the brand they hold.” REVENUE MANAGEMENT LEADER LODGING REIT

- “Corporate hotels, they’re not awful, but they’re forgettable: nothing stands out, they all feel and look the same, you can’t tell them apart, and you are happy to leave.” DAVID FREQUENT BUSINESS TRAVELER

Tomorrow, hotels will need to be about people.

Hospitality will always be about experiences and connecting to people.  Even in the face of new technology, evolving customer preferences, and new competitive threats, hospitality will require a human touch.  A personal and an active approach will place hotels on the same footing as the guests they serve and the owners they work with.


- Hotels offer a one-size-fitsall hospitality that serves no one.

- Hotels chase instead of incorporate guests.

- Hotels are separated from the surrounding communities.

- Hotels focus on one space with one purpose.

- Hotels think of themselves as mostly physical things.


- The hotel of the future will be an integrator of partnerships to offer new and varied experiences that can evolve with guests.

- The hotel of the future will be an integrator of networks and people to build more personal connections with and between guests.

- The hotel of the future will be an integrator of cultures, merging global brands with local roles in communities.

- The hotel of the future will be an integrator of multipurpose spaces to provide a platform of resources that can serve new customers.

- The hotel of the future will be an integrator of services and businesses to play as the nexus of the travel industry.