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Sunday, August 20, 2023

A Tribute to Lady Jacqueline Rosalie Fawkes - Wife of Bahamian Hero, Sir Randol Fawkes

A Tribute to My Mother, 

Lady Jacqueline Rosalie Fawkes, M.B.A. 

A Vessel of Honour

Lady Jacqueline Rosalie Fawkes

By Francis Fawkes

My first recollection of my mother was at Fort Fincastle, where we resided in the mid-1950's.  I remember her as being very dutiful and motherly towards us.  Later,  we moved to McPherson Street,  where most of our early development took place.  She made sure that we were introduced to the Christian principles early by sending us to St. Agnes' Sunday school and  church.  We also attended good educational institutions with her guidance and direction.  To this end,  she played a substantial role in our educational, artistic and spiritual development.  Most of all she possessed a sterling character as a moralist, which enabled her to teach by example.

During the turbulent times,  in the transition of the country to majority rule,  she played an essential part.  Mom worked well as a silent team partner with my father in the  political arena and in his legal career.  Temperamentally both parents were different.  My father was an extreme extrovert.  She was more of an ambivert and somewhat introspective.  She played a complimentary part as a stabilizing influence.  He  was an idealist - and sometimes could be over-idealistic.  My mother in contrast,  was a pragmatist keeping him firmly grounded.  She dealt with his finances and assisted him as a competent paralegal in the office.  He may not have been able to make those monumental contributions to the nation without her able assistance in the practical realm.

Mom also exhibited an artistic flair.  She was interested in architecture and pursued a number of magazines with an architect in designing her rental units and the YWCA Hostel.  As a student of E. Clement Bethel and Meta Davis-Cumberbatch, she substituted me in her place.  Because of it, I was able to make great strides in the graded Associated Board examinations.  Mom motivated and pushed me into qualifying and receiving my credentials from London's Royal Academy of Music.  Because of her, I was able to make notable contributions to the nation according to my calling.

As an astute and gifted businesswoman, she facilitated many of the breakthroughs my father and I experienced.  Later on she matriculated at the University of Miami where she obtained her Masters' Degree in Business Administration.  With her skill, she built up the YWCA hostel which was a great financial success.  In her business pursuits,  she often invited me to perform in fund-raising activities.  One could see her organizational skills in the well orchestrated cultural and national events.  I remember performing for a number of those occasions.

One of my most memorable moments was my major piano recital for the Quincentennial Celebrations in 1992.  Her  shrewd business acumen helped me to get a good size audience.  Following  this were impressive newspaper  reviews.

She loved classical music and up to the end and into advanced age she listened with great delight to me playing Bach, Mozart,  Schubert, Chopin and Liszt at “La Campanella.”  Throughout her life - she saw the result of her efforts when my television recitals and other performances were aired.  However, I am happy to say that coming towards her final days the music helped to ameliorate the  pain and stress to great degree.

In my early years, Mom always insisted that I pray and put great emphasis on Bible reading.  Her Christian worldview was basically that of a fundamentalist.  She was never disposed to humanism or liberal-mindedness often seen in secular universities.  In my student days in London, I am grateful that she insisted on this practice.  My obedience was rewarded.  The knowledge gained enabled me to become highly credentialed in Theology and Christian Counseling.  Later on, I was ordained in my calling as an anointed Minister of the Gospel.

I also assisted her as much as I could with her dietary and medical requirements.  As a strong believer in the Lord we often prayed.  Her faith for salvation was utmost and never seemed to waiver.  She wanted to live as long as she could.  However, she is blessed to have lived this long,  and accomplished so much.  She will definitely be missed by all of the family members, friends and those she impacted.  Her legacy will long be remembered.

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