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Saturday, December 18, 2021

Secret Confessions Of A Poor And Richly Passionate Organic Marketer


By Dennis Dames:

I choose organic marketing
I’m a proud organic marketer who utilizes worthy digital marketing platforms and groups - as efficiently and effectively as I can, to promote my business, and share my my most valued work.

It's free, and potentially a highly productive and an easy moneymaking means of advertising - when applied with a well prepared business promotion plan and strategy - in mind. As an organic promoter, I spread my wings in many worthwhile groups and communities - On and Offline. I’m always in the hunt for new markets and other free advertising points of the digital organic world - where I can successfully showcase my offerings, goods and services to a hungry audience.

Organic marketers should always shy away from SPAM and SPAMMING. It’s not a fruitful means of promoting. Spammers are lazy and visionless people who unwittingly waste their own time, all the time - in my view.

Organic reach anyday
A powerfully potent organic marketer knows the full value of adding a captivating and convincing caption, and - or a description to their posts. Organic marketers should avoid at all cost, the ineffective marketing strategy and practice - of link, video and image farming.

Organic marketing is essentially about building one’s business and brand favorably in the consciousness of people; so that when they are in need of something that you - among others offer, they will consider patronizing you first - as you have established a favorable brand relationship at the fore of their minds.

Therefore, smart organic marketers are always aware of - and are guided by the virtue of creating welcomed, noteworthy and memorable impressions- by being enticingly attractive and convincingly presentable as they link organically in the various groups, and other places in the digital neighborhood. First impression is indeed last impression.

I love organic traffic
Organic marketing is my most valuable partner on the road to business success. I depend on it enormously - to connect skillfully and creatively with new customers, prospects and businesses; for the continued healthy growth of my enterprise. So, I employ it regularly and systematically- as a business advertising policy.

I cannot afford paid advertisements, thus organic promotions must work for me. With that in mind, I maneuver accordingly to achieve the most desired and profitable marketing results - while beloved patrons are deservingly satisfied.