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Monday, July 20, 2020

Corona Lockdown

Nassau, NP
The Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas: Mention the name Gladstone Thurston and for many it is synonymous with journalism.

Yes, for many years I was on the scene covering some of the most important social, political and sports events in the Bahamas.

I have now shifted my attention to the recording studio with songs I have composed.

My latest, Corona Lockdown, is attached.

My stage name is Bahama Boy GT.

This composition was inspired by an Internet post I did inquiring of Bahamians that having given up their freedom in the name of combating the corona virus whether they were concerned that things  will ever return like they use to be.

I also sought to find out why human rights advocates were not active in some way in ensuring that na├»ve Bahamians who willingly acquiesced to the government’s demands to lockdown would not have their advantage taken.

Those who responded seemed to have hardly any interest in the subject.

Basically, their view was that then was not the time to talk about rights, and locking down from the CV was by far more important.

My view was that the government must assure Bahamians that their rights, now still suspended, would not be tampered with in any way without the permission of Bahamians.

Hence the last stanza of the song:
“Is this a scene from the Book of Revelation,
Or is there something sinister going on;
They have us all under house arrest,
I wonder what the shitstem’s up to next;
Our freedom’s gone there is no guarantee
That they will return like they use to be;
Here take a dose of common sense
Protect your liberty with eternal vigilance.”

(‘Shitstem’ is my contemptible way of referring to the system.)

Recorded at Reel Time Sound

Producer: Colyn McDonald
Assistant Engineer: Neil Symonette
Assistant Engineer: Ken Burrows
Thanks a great lot.

Gladstone Thurston
Ph: 1-242-458-7342
Facebook Page